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Are you looking for a gorgeous, easy Paleo dinner recipe? This is my Lemon Rosemary Chicken Recipe.

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Photography has become quite a passion of mine! I’m not always one to brag, but I’m actually very proud of these photos.I love a good cast iron skillet, and this chicken was just to die for!One thing I learned about photography is that itis all about the lighting! And it’s also about perspective.We all have our own photography style, and we are all attracted to different looks and feels of a picture. It’s hard for me to channel my creative side, but taking pictures of food seems to help! If youwant to see what I’m eating daily, check out my instagram.

This recipe is in my top 10 recipes! I personally always keep it “in rotation”, for when I need a delicious easy recipe. If you are looking for a good cast iron, here’s one from Amazon! It really isa necessity to make this dish.

Enjoy the recipe and share with me (in the comments) your experience with it.As always follow me onInstagram,Facebook,Twitter&Pinterestfor some more Monica and more Paleo ideas, too!

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Lemon Rosemary Chicken

Monica Bravo

whole 30 and paleo approved

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Servings 4

Calories 428 kcal


  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 4 chicken breasts
  • 1 ½ sweet potatoes cubed
  • 1 large lemon squeezed
  • 1 large lemon sliced
  • 2 Tablespoons rosemary
  • 5 garlic cloves crushed
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

  • Add olive oil to a large cast iron skillet or to a roasting pan, and heat over medium-high heat. If using a roasting pan, you may need to use it over two burners.

  • Sprinkle desired amount of salt and pepper over chicken breasts. Then place the chicken breast sides down in the pan. Add the cubed sweet potatoes, and cook in pan/skillet for 4-5 minutes or until the chicken is browned.

  • Turn the chicken over and pour lemon, rosemary, and garlic over the chicken and potatoes. Top with sliced lemons.

  • Bake at 400 degrees for 30-35 minutes, or until the chicken is done. This varies for each oven.

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Reader Interactions


  1. Chiqui says

    Looks yummy!! Great job on the pics. 🙂 Can’t wait to try it once the heat calms down in our region. Right now, I’m not inspired to cook and heat up our home even further.


    • Monica Bravo says

      Haha I totally understand. Louisiana is HOT HOT HOT right now. I have been eating mostly cold things as well.


  2. Erika says

    Girl, you should be proud of these photos–they’re amazing!!! It was so nice to meet you last night–sorry I took off without saying goodbye :/ I was in such shock after meeting Juli and George!! Haha. Anyway, your blog is awesome and can’t wait to read your guest post on PaleOMG!!


    • Monica Bravo says

      Erika! Thanks for commenting! and no problem! I was in shock too haha. Had a big fangirl moment! It was so nice to meet you too and I’ll definitely stay in touch on social media 🙂


  3. Kim says

    WOW! Pinned this last night and threw it together quickly when I got Home from work today. Phenomenal!


    • Monica Bravo says

      Glad you liked it! Thanks Kim!


  4. Crystal says

    Hi, I was wondering if you used boneless chicken breast for this recipe? if so, it seems like it takes a long time to cook the chicken (8-10 on the stove then 40-45 in the oven).


    • Monica Bravo says

      Yes I did, that’s the time that worked for me.


  5. Czyna says

    I have a short question. Do I get it correctly, I first cook it and then I bake it as well????? I am scared it would make the chicken taste dry???


    • Monica Bravo says

      Yes you are correct.


  6. Ali says

    Do you use sweet potatoes or yams?


  7. Ali says

    Do you use sweets potatoes or yams?


    • Monica Bravo says

      Sweet potatoes, but either will work.


  8. kim says


    Are these boneless skinless chicken breasts, or bone-in skin on? Thanks!


    • Monica Bravo says

      Boneless skinless! : )


  9. Eliza says

    Hi Monica, excited to cook this recipe, but a little confused. On the Paleo parents site, the time for cooking on the stove is doubled, and the oven temp says 450. But here on your blog it says shorter time on the stove and lower temp on the oven. Am I missing something?

    Is it supposed to be 8-10 mins on the stove or 4-5?
    Is it supposed to be 450 degrees or 400?



    • Monica Bravo says

      Hey Eliza. I actually lowered it when I reposted this recipe on my blog. I think the way I posted it on Paleo Parents was slightly overcooked, and this was due to the oven I was using at the time (college apartment problems!). I will definitely make note of this on here so there won’t be more confusion! The verdict is 4-5 minutes on the stove and 400 degrees in the oven.


      • Eliza says

        Thanks for being so quick to respond! I went right in the middle of both times and temps and am about to pull it out of the oven now. I’m new to Paleo (literally, day one) but I love the recipes you share. Thanks so much!!!


  10. Lisa says

    Do you happen to have nutritional info on this recipe? Thanks


    • Monica Bravo says

      I do not! I would just type it in a nutrition calculator.


  11. Tiffany says

    I was curious about how many pounds of chicken are your 4 chicken breasts? Or how many ounces per breast? For some reason all the chicken breast near me is HUGE, think almost a pound per breast :-/


    • Monica Bravo says

      Wow! Mine are about a half a pound I’d say!


  12. Sharon says

    I have frozen boneless chicken breasts; how would I change the cooking to make it work with frozen chicken?


  13. Daena Prinsen says

    One of my favorite recipes! Love how easy it is!


    • Monica Bravo says

      Glad you enjoyed it!!


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Lemon Rosemary Chicken Recipe - Dr. Monica Bravo (2024)


What does Ina Garten serve with her lemon chicken? ›

The sauce has garlic, thyme and lemon, and has so much flavor," Garten says. "And the whole thing takes like 5 minutes to put together... The best thing about this is that it makes the chicken and the sauce at the same time." Serve it over rice or quinoa, and the grains can absorb all of the sauce, Garten recommends.

What does adding lemon juice to chicken do? ›

Lemon is acidic and helps balance the stronger flavor of the dark meat in thighs and legs, and the fat from the chicken skin.

What does Ina Garten eat every day? ›

Her eating, she says, is “pretty orderly, actually”: “I have toast and coffee for breakfast;” tea every day at 10:30 a.m. — not a minute earlier or later; soup for lunch (Italian wedding soup, on the day of the recording); and for dinner, she and her husband, Jeffrey, go out with friends or order in.

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If you're baking a lemon loaf or citrusy crinkle cookies, you'll get the most concentrated citrus flavor by adding lemon zest to the mix. While lemon juice adds an acidic punch to salad dressings and countless other dishes, lemon zest holds all the fruit's fragrant, floral notes.

What happens if you marinate chicken in lemon juice too long? ›

Chicken can get both mushy and tough when it's been left to marinate too long. If it's been more than 48 hours, the USDA recommends throwing it out.

When to add lemon to chicken? ›

At Least 30 Minutes Before Cooking: Marinate the Chicken

Zest and juice one lemon into a large bowl. Add ¼ cup olive oil, 5 crushed or minced garlic cloves (use minced for a stronger flavor), 1 ½ teaspoons of Italian seasoning, and ¼ cup of chopped parsley.

What does rubbing lime on chicken do? ›

Use the lime and its juices to scrub the surface of each individual piece of chicken. This helps to remove the slime and film off the chicken. The salt helps to "exfoliate" as you scrub the limes on the chicken like a "sponge".

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Lemon: Pairs especially well with almond, apricot, basil, berries, black pepper, cardamom, cherry, citrus, coconut, hazelnut, ginger, mint, nectarine, peach, plum, prickly pear, rosemary, thyme, tropical fruit, and vanilla. For spirits, it mixes best with rum, vodka, and nut and orange liqueurs.

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Mar 2, 2023

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What white wine does Ina Garten cook with? ›

Hi Ina, I love your lemon chicken and risotto recipes. Can you recommend white wines to use when making them? Ina's Answer: I would recommend Pinot Grigio- it's versatile and easy to find!


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