Fallout 76 Is Changing How Legendary Crafting Works (2024)

Fallout 76's next major update has hit the Player Test Server, allowing players to try out the new Legendary Crafting system as well as additional changes including weapons and creature rebalances.

By Hannah Adkins

Bethesda implemented an update to the Fallout 76 Player Test Server (PTS) to usher the live-service game's twentieth major update set for release later this year – Milepost Zero – which will mark the beginning of the game's 18th season since its original release in 2018. Milepost Zero will continue Fallout 76's hot streak of major updates following last month's Skyline Valley expansion, the next chapter promising to change and add core game mechanics such as Legendary Craftingas well as additional content, including the return of Mischief Night.

Fallout 76 – Milepost Zero

One of the major features of Milepost Zero will be the ability for players to build their own Caravan Company. This feature is currently not included in the PTS, but the announcement from Bethesda includes that this will be added later this month. Mischief Night will also return in Chapter 18 with a new location in Rapidan Camp. The Mischief Night Public Event of course includes Halloween-themed rewards and will be on rotation with the new Daily Ops maps. Additional features for the Milepost Zero update in the PTS include:

Legendary Crafting

Bethesda's new approach to Legendary Crafting is designed to give players "more direct control over the Legendary Mods that are on your Legendary items." A new crafting component, Legendary Particles, are used to craft Legendary Mods and spend Legendary Modules to swap them onto Legendary items and obtained through scrapping Legendary items or trading with other Fallout 76ers. Before players can start adding Legendary Mods to their items they'll need to obtain it, either by trading with another player or scrapping a Legendary item with that mod on it – every time you scrap a Legendary item you'll receive both the particles and the chance to learn one of the Legendary mods on that item.

Best Builds

A new social update called Best Builds implements a system that allows players to submit, visit, and rate submitted C.A.M.P.s. With Best Builds, players "will be able to visit these amazing creations and enjoy the comforts, design, and unique tastes the builder has in store for its visitors," and also allows players to leave a "like" on the creations they visit.

Combat Rebalance

Continuing the work Skyline Valley began on updating Fallout 76's combat system, making alterations to the sources of Fire and Poison damage as well as how the damage over time (DoT) effect works. General updates here include:


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  • Made an adjustment to damage modifiers for creature weak points. This will result in additional damage dealt to creatures when weapons with lower damage per hit are used.
  • Damage Over Time effects now scale with bonuses to weapon damage.
  • Addressed a series of inconsistencies with how certain damage effects (primarily Damage Over Time) were dealing incorrect damage types or were un-typed damage without a corresponding resistance.
  • Addressed an issue where Damage Over Time effects dealt by players would not scale to match the creature's level.
  • Fixed an issue where certain effects such as Damage Over Time and the Vampire's legendary mod could stack when applied multiple times simultaneously on a single target. This most commonly occurred with Shotguns, but could also occur when using the Two Shot legendary mod or the Mulit-Shot Cremator mod in V.A.T.S.

Fire/Poison Weapons and Mods

To coincide with the above changes to fire and poison DoT, a significant list of weapons and mods have been rebalanced included the Flamer, Holy Fire, Baseball Bat Heated Coil, Plasma Cutter Flaming Blade, Poisoned Sheepsquatch Club, The Kabloom, Pumpkin Grenade, and more. In addition to the weapons rebalances there are also creature rebalances affecting a list of creatures including Deathclaws, and creature weapon rebalances. Additionally, the following Perk changes are implemented:

  • Vaccinated: Increases Disease Resistance from all sources, based on your END stat.
  • Thirst Quencher: Increases Action Points while not diseased, based on your END stat.
  • Iron Stomach: Increases Damage Reduction while not diseased, based on your END stat.
  • Natural Resistance: Increases your Energy, Fire, Cryo, and Poison Resistances while not diseased, based on your END stat.

The full list of changes implemented with Milepost Zero including a list of known issues can be read on Bethesda's official announcement. Milepost Zero does not yet have an official release date, though we know the update will come some time in September.

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Fallout 76 Is Changing How Legendary Crafting Works (2024)


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