17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (2024)

A bridal party can be as large or pared-back as you please. While some brides opt for a small group of friends to accompany her down the aisle, others seize the opportunity to incorporate all those most important in their lives in the big day—including those of the younger variety. Specifically, junior members of the bridal party are a thoughtful way to honor the young women you hold dearest.

The age range for junior members is typically between eight and 16 and can be anyone from a younger sister to a daughter to a cousin or niece, there are no rules! An easy rule of thumb is that they are typically too old to be a flower girl.If you've decided to have junior bridal party members in your wedding, the next course of action is to determine what they'll be wearing for the ceremony.

Junior Bridesmaids 101: Here's What You Need to Know About Having These Young Attendants in Your Wedding

Read on for the best junior bridesmaid dresses.

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Best Sparkle: La Novale Atelier Store Sequin Flower Girl Dress

17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (1)

If you’re all about a bold moment, then let that trickle down to your junior bridal party members and have her wear this glamorous sequin and tulle gown.

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Most Vintage-Inspired: Adrianna Papell Beaded Blouson Gown

17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (2)

Let your junior members sparkle in this Adrianna Papell number. The Art Deco-inspired detailing makes this a fitting choice for a vintage-themed soiree.

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Best Ruffle Dress: Needle & Thread Valentine Ruffle Kids Dress

17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (3)

If you're looking for a whimsy option (and something suited for someone younger), allow us to introduce you to Needle &Thread's ruffle dress. In a cream color, this is the perfect complement to a bridal party sporting neutral shades.

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Best Halter: Birdy Grey Kiko Dress

17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (4)

While Birdy Grey is traditionally intended for the bridal party, their selection of dresses come in smaller size runs and could be tailored to fit a petite frame. This particular frock would look great on a teen.

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Best Cowl Neckline: Amsale Bridesmaids Corinne Dress

A modest option, Amsale's Corinne dress is a great pick for the young members of your bridal party. But don't the simplicity fool you—the cowl neck and slit skirt add some playful sophistication.

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Best High Neck: Celebrate DB Studio Flounced Crinkle Chiffon Junior Bridesmaid Dress

17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (6)

A halter neckline is a great choice for junior bridal party members as it’s on the more conservative side. This pretty shade of steel blue is a great fit for any season of the year.

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For a Boho Wedding: Mango Floral Print Long Jumpsuit

17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (7)

If your wedding has a distinct boho vibe to it, then your junior bridal party outfit should reflect that. This earthy jumpsuit is a cool, casual pick, and comfortable to boot.

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Best Floor-Length: David's Bridal Cap Sleeve Lace and Mesh Long Girls Dress

17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (8)

If your ceremony is on the more formal side, this floor-length gown featuring lace and pleating is ideal. Plus, the skirt is perfect for twirling on the dance floor.

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Best Flutter Sleeves: Azazie Daphne Junior Bridesmaid Dress

17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (9)

Simple in design, this floor-length frock is feminine and fun thanks to the flutter sleeves. A versatile pick with strong group photograph potential.

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Dessy Tie-Shoulder Juniors Dress with Tiered Ruffle Skirt

17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (10)

The shoulder ties and tiered ruffles make this mint dress feel unique and stylish–plus, the color is to die for. We love this sweet style for a garden wedding filled with fresh greenery and flowers.

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Most Simple: Azazie Oceana Junior Bridesmaid Dress

17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (11)

Keep things classic with this v-neck floor-length gown. It comes in over 50 colorways so you'll be sure to find a shade that matches the wedding palette. To add a delicate finish, add in a string of pearls.

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For a Formal Wedding: David's Bridal Chiffon Surplice Tank Junior Bridesmaid Dress

17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (12)

Ballet pink for the win! There’s no going wrong with this gorgeous gown, just add flats or a low heel and you'll be all set for a formal wedding.

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Best Under $60: JJ's House A-Line V-neck Asymmetrical Chiffon Junior Bridesmaid Dress

17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (13)

A sweet silhouette with cascading ruffles and a flowing skirt—what’s not to love? Keep it casual and simple with flats or dress the look up with low block heels and a sparkly bracelet.

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Best White: JJ's House A-Line One-Shoulder Floor-Length Chiffon Charmeuse Dress

17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (14)

If you’re having your bridal party also wear white, this is a cute pick for the junior dress. It subtly nods to a Grecian style that’s well-suited for a wedding.

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Best Cheery Color: The Dessy Group Dessy Collection Junior Bridesmaid

17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (15)

A cheery yellow hue is a fun pick for junior bridal party members, particularly this lace frock from David’s Bridal. Bring on the sunshine!

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Most Unique Neckline: David's Bridal One Shoulder Mesh Junior Bridesmaid Dress

17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (16)

The one-shoulder silhouette on this junior bridal party dress is balanced by the single strap on the alternate side. It’s a subtle touch that makes a noticeable difference.

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Best Pastel: David's Bridal Long Sleeveless Mesh Dress with Ruched Waist

17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (17)

A powdery blue dress with a v-neck silhouette and floor-length hemline, this option offers it all. Plus, the color would look so pretty with white flowers.

What to Look for in a Junior Bridesmaid Dress


Just like bridal party dresses, junior bridesmaid dresses must keep within the wedding theme and color palette. While some junior bridesmaids may wear the same outfit as the bridal party, others may have to wear something different due to sizing limitations. Whatever you choose for your junior bridesmaid, it's important that the youngest member of your bridal party feels comfortable and confident in their dress. This means picking a style that's available in the appropriate sizing for your junior bridesmaid.


If you're going for a cohesive look and want your junior bridesmaid dress to match your bridal party perfectly, it's helpful to pick dresses from the same brand. Many occasion brands will offer junior and bridal party dresses in the same colorways, styles, and silhouettes. However, if you're going for a mismatched look and want your junior bridesmaids to wear a different color, it's always a good idea to order color swatches to make sure all the different colors work nicely together.


  • Who chooses the junior bridal party dress?

    Typically, the dress is chosen by the bride with the junior bridesmaid's input. However, sometimes the bride will give the junior bridesmaid free rein to choose her own gown.

  • Can the junior bridal party wear the same dress as the rest of the bridal party?

    Yes! This usually depends on the bride's preference and if the bridal party dress comes in junior sizes.

  • Do junior bridal parties carry bouquets?

    Junior bridal party members usually carry the same bouquet as the rest of the bridal party. However, the choice is truly up to the bride!

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17 Junior Bridal Party Dresses for Every Age (2024)


How many junior bridesmaids can you have? ›

You can have as many junior bridesmaids as you want, although the role is usually limited to three or four attendants. The number of junior bridesmaids will depend on who you want to include (nieces, cousins, stepdaughters, etc.)

Do junior bridesmaids wear the same dress as bridesmaids? ›

She should wear the same dress as the bridesmaids if it's age appropriate; if it's not, ask your bridal shop if the dress can be altered so it's more youthful (but not so youthful that it resembles the flower girl's).

What is another name for a junior bridesmaid girl? ›

A junior bridesmaid, another name for a junior bridesmaid is 'junior attendant,' is a part of your wedding party who is typically younger than the rest of the other bridesmaids. They're usually someone you're close with, like a niece, cousin, sister, daughter, stepdaughter or anyone close to you. (Psst.

What color do junior bridesmaids wear? ›

Choosing a Dress Color For a Junior Bridesmaid

If the junior bridesmaid is younger, the bride may want them to wear white or ivory- like a flower girl dress. The color of the dress for the junior bridesmaid is completely up to the bride and her preference.

Is 17 too old to be a junior bridesmaid? ›

Junior Bridesmaid Definition and Age

A junior bridesmaid is a younger member of the wedding party who falls between the ages of a flower girl and bridesmaid—usually she's between 10 and 15 years old, says event planner Kelly McWilliams.

What is the average age of a junior bridesmaid? ›

The first and most important criterion that determines a girl's title is how old she is. If she's from four to eight, she's a flower girl, If she's between nine and fifteen, she falls into the junior bridesmaid category; older than that, you can go ahead and call her a bridesmaid.

Who walks a junior bridesmaid down the aisle? ›

A junior bridesmaid should walk down the aisle before the others. If there are equal amounts of groomsmen and you want everyone in pairs, she can be escorted. Otherwise she may walk alone or can always walk your dog down the aisle.

What do you call a divorced bridesmaid? ›

In this case, the analogy is that just like a married woman went from a Miss to a Mrs., after divorce she becomes a Ms., but can never go back to being a Miss. After divorce she would be a matron of honor.

What age is the flower girl? ›

Choosing Your Flower Girl. Flower girls are usually between the ages of 4 and 7, but there's no "rule." If there's a 9-year-old who's important to you, you should absolutely have her as part of your wedding! The same goes for younger flower girls.

Do junior bridesmaids sit at the head table? ›

If your junior bridesmaid is comfortable, you can include her in everything from the grand entrance to the bouquet toss. Consider her age and maturity when you're deciding where she'll sit. You can seat her with her parents or at the head table, with the rest of the bridal party.

Can a 16 year old be a Maid of Honor? ›

Like many aspects of wedding planning, there are no rules when it comes to your bridal party. This means that you can absolutely have a junior maid of honor if doing so is something you want and something that makes sense for your life and relationships.

Can mothers wear the same color as bridesmaids? ›

A: The Mother of the Bride is special. She needs to stand out a bit from the bridesmaids, so her dress should complement rather than match the bridesmaid's dresses. For example, the MOB could wear a dress in a similar color to the bridesmaids but in a deeper shade.

Who do junior bridesmaids walk down the aisle with? ›

A junior bridesmaid should walk down the aisle before the others. If there are equal amounts of groomsmen and you want everyone in pairs, she can be escorted. Otherwise she may walk alone or can always walk your dog down the aisle. - Make a shot list.

Is it OK to have 4 bridesmaids? ›

There are plenty of ways they can be there for you that don't require a hand-picked chiffon dress or a rehearsed stroll down the aisle, and let's not forget your bachelorette party can be big or small as you want. For most brides, if you're in the four to six bridesmaids range, you should be just fine.

Is it OK to have 7 bridesmaids? ›

The number of bridesmaids selected for a bridal party, is very much down to the size of the wedding. For instance, a small wedding of up to 100 people, is unlikely to have 9 bridesmaids. But a wedding of 500+ people, may do. Typically, on average, brides tend to go for around 3-5 bridesmaids.

Can I have 20 bridesmaids? ›

In a short answer—you can never have too many bridesmaids! Just like it's okay to have no bridesmaids, it's also okay to have as many bridesmaids as you want (even if your mother-in-law hates the idea). If you can't narrow down your close friend list—or just don't want to—feel free to have a large wedding party.


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